Bitcoin piggy bank

Wooden box, touch display, oinky user interface

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IOTA panda box

100 cubic centimeters of ceramic panda power

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Choose wisely

Each Hodlbox comes with it's own cool features unique to it's cryptocurrency. Safely guarded by a fluffy spirit animal.

Transfer and hodl

Once setup your Hodlbox can start to receive funds. It will keep up with the ROI stuff and keep your assets safe. The private key is generated and stored on a Micro SD card inside the box.

Smash for cash

This part is the most fun and sad at the same time – you have to physically destroy your Hodlbox to get out the assets. Inside you'll find the pirvate key which you can later access from any computer.

When do you plan to ship the first Hodlboxes?

We are shipping the first Hodlboxes in three months after the crowdsale ends.

Where is the whitepaper?

Oh, come on, folks!

But why?

Well, have you ever heard of a piggy bank for cryptocurrencies?

Who is behind this project?

The project is a part of Garage48 Hackathon Hardware & Arts 2018 creation.